At New South Realtors, our commitment is to create a winning experience for the tenant.  We have an on-call support team 24 hours a day to handle emergency issues should the need arise.


New South Realtors is a successful property management firm that has been in business for over 25 years. We provide a variety of leasing solutions to those who may not be ready or want a conventional mortgage at this time. For example:

  •   Are you relocating? You may want to get familiar with the area before determining your permanent residence.
  •   Has your family situation changed? In some cases a reduction in family income can sometimes affect a person’s ability to secure a conventional mortgage.
  •  Are you self-employed? Proof of consistent income can be challenging when seeking financing. You may be considered a higher risk by traditional lenders.
  • Would your interest rate be too high with a conventional mortgage? Certain credit situations, such as debt to income ratios, may call for a higher interest rate leading to an unaffordable monthly mortgage payment.
  • Do you need to establish or reestablish your credit? A lease-purchase program may be a perfect way for you to establish a good credit history. You get the benefits of leasing followed by the benefits of home ownership if you exercise the option to purchase.


New South Realtors constantly strives to create a winning experience for our tenants. We continually fine-tune our solutions so we always have the right program for each and every client. To afford our tenants the best possible living environment, we seek quality homes throughout North Alabama in the most desirable locations. We use sound business practices, maintain solid fundamentals, and always put our clients’ interests first.

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